About DomainAgents

For buyers, it can be difficult to get an owner to even acknowledge your offer. For domain owners, how do you know if a buyer is seriously interested? Even if they are, it takes valuable time to consider their offer (and it may not even be in the ballpark). They came up with a solution that works for both parties: the buyer has to purchase a DomainAgents credit to make an offer, ensuring they are serious, and in return DomainAgents guarantees the offer will be presented.

To show owner’s DomainAgents values their time, DomainAgents will pay them $10 via PayPal if they accept the buyer’s offer or counter it. If they like, they can choose a DomainAgents credit to make their own offer on a different domain instead of the $10. If they decline the first offer from the buyer without countering, we will donate the $10 to a selected charity of their choosing. The goal is to get people negotiating.

DomainAgents has quickly grown partnerships with established players in the domain name industry like Namecheap and Directnic.  We’re continuing to refine our negotiation tool and process with the goal of finally removing many of the frustrations involved in domain name transactions.

We hope you’ll consider us the next time you’re looking to buy a domain from someone and don’t ignore the next email you see from DomainAgents or you might just be ignoring a serious offer and leaving $10 on the table.