Buying Premium Domain Names

For Domain Buyers

Welcome to DomainAgents! The DomainAgents Negotiation Platform allows owners and potential buyers to come together in a productive, balanced, safe and secure venue.

We do the legwork and provide security - you control the negotiation.

You've found a domain name you want, but it's already owned by someone. Here's where DomainAgents can help. First you will need to purchase a DomainAgents credit for $29.95 and identify the domain name you are interested in acquiring. We will then use all of our resources to contact the domain name owner and present the offer on your behalf.

We guarantee that your offer will be presented.

If we are unable to contact the owner, we will automatically give you a DomainAgents credit, so you can make an offer on a different domain name.

Once the domain owner creates an account on DomainAgents, they can either engage in negotiations, accept or decline the offer. To help ensure a response, we compensate the owner for their time. For responding, DomainAgents will pay the owner $10.00, give them a free DomainAgents credit, or donate $10.00 to a selected charity of the owner's choice.

Once the owner has engaged, DomainAgents lets you manage your own negotiation via our platform. We're here to make sure the negotiation goes as smoothly as possible. If an agreement is reached, we facilitate the transfer of the domain and money via Escrow fees and a 10% commission are paid by the buyer.

If you have other questions please visit our Support Section or send us an email.

The DomainAgents Negotiation Platform welcomes buyers at all levels.

For domain name buyers negotiating the purchase of high value domain names we start discounting our commission rates above $10,000. This ensures that our fees remain appropriate and conducive to your domain purchase.

An adjusted commission scale is available for buyers of premium domain names.

$10,000 USD & Under - 10%
$10,001 - $50,000 - $1,000 + 7.5% on amount above $10,000
$50,001 - $100,000 - $4,000 + 5% on amount above $50,000
$100,001+ - $6,500 + 2.5% on amount above $100,000

Using the above table, you can see that a $1,000 purchase has a fee of $100, a $10,000 purchase has a fee of $1,000, a $100,000 purchase has a fee of $6500, and a $1,000,000 purchase has a fee of only $29,000 etcetera.

You may use our fee calculator below to see the expected cost associated with a high value purchase using DomainAgents.

Your total cost for the domain name and DomainAgent fees would be:

$ - USD plus escrow.

A Look Inside

Client Dashboard
Client Dashboard
Negotiation Page
Negotiation Page

6 Steps To Buying A Domain

  1. Enter the domain name you wish to make an offer on along with your opening offer.

  2. Create an account with DomainAgents.

  3. Purchase a DomainAgents credit for $29.95.

  4. DomainAgents will contact the current owner of the domain name and present your offer. We do this by email or phone. If, after multiple attempts, we cannot contact the domain name owner, we allow you to make an offer on a second domain name at no additional charge.

  5. When the owner responds, they may accept your offer, decline it, or enter into negotiations.

  6. When an agreement to buy / sell the domain has been reached, unless communicated otherwise, we will transfer you to a well known third party escrow company,, to safely transfer the domain name. The transaction will be created and will include the service fee of 10% of agreed sale price, plus escrow costs.