For Domain Buyers

Welcome to DomainAgents! The DomainAgents Negotiation Platform allows owners and potential buyers to come together in a productive, balanced, safe and secure venue.

There are two ways to buy a domain via DomainAgents: Making an Offer or Purchasing a Buy-It-Now name from the Marketplace.

Making an Offer

We do the legwork and provide security - you control the negotiation.

You've found a domain name you want, but it's already owned by someone. Here's where DomainAgents can help. First you will need to purchase a DomainAgents credit for $19.95 and identify the domain name you are interested in acquiring. We will then use all of our resources to contact the domain name owner and present the offer on your behalf.

We guarantee that your offer will be presented.

If we are unable to contact the owner, we will automatically give you a DomainAgents credit, so you can make an offer on a different domain name.

Once the domain owner creates an account on DomainAgents, they can either engage in negotiations, accept or decline the offer. To help ensure a response, we compensate the owner for their time. For responding, DomainAgents will pay the owner $10.00, give them a free DomainAgents credit, or donate $10.00 to a selected charity of the owner's choice.

You negotiate directly with the owner.

Once the owner has engaged, DomainAgents lets you manage your own negotiation via our platform. You can trade counter offers with the owner until you reach an agreement. You don't need to buy an additional credit to make a counter offer.

We're here to make sure the negotiation goes as smoothly as possible. If an agreement is reached, we facilitate the transfer of the domain and money via Escrow fees and a 10% commission are paid by the buyer. The commission rate slides on domains purchased for more than $10,000.

If you have other questions please visit our Support Section or send us an email.

Purchasing a Buy-It-Now Domain Name

If the owner of a domain name has listed it for sale with DomainAgents with a Buy-It-Now price, a small deposit of less than $30 is required to secure the domain. Upon payment, the transaction will be sent to where the balance of the payment is made and the transfer is secured. If the seller fails to complete the transaction for any reason, your deposit will be returned in full. On a Buy-It-Now purchase, the seller pays our commission and the buyer and seller split the fee.

For example, if you were to purchase for $1000, a $19.95 deposit would be made to secure the name. The remaining $970.05 would be paid into and the fee would be split with the seller.

Negotiated Purchase Buyer Fees

$10,000 USD & Under $10,000 USD & Under - 10%
$10,001 - $50,000 $10,001 to $50,000 - $1,000 + 7.5% on amount above $10,000
$50,001 - $100,000 $50,001 to $100,000 - $4,000 + 5% on amount above $50,000
$100,001+ $100,001+ - $6,500 + 2.5% on amount above $100,000

Buy It Now Buyer Fees

Any Purchase Price Any Purchase Price - None, Seller Assumes Fees

Buyer Escrow Fees

Negotiated Sale Negotiated Sale - 3.25% - 0.89% ($25 Min)
BIN Sale BIN Sale - 50% of's Fees

Details of's fees may be found here.