Selling Domains with DomainAgents

For Domain Owners

When a potential buyer is interested in making an offer on a domain name, the buyer purchases a DomainAgents credit and identifies the domain name they are interested in acquiring. We then attempt to contact the domain name owner to present the offer on the buyer's behalf.

You will receive notice from DomainAgents via email or phone alerting you to the offer. When you visit DomainAgents, you can either engage in negotiations, accept or decline the offer.

To compensate you for your time, DomainAgents will either pay you $10.00, give you a free DomainAgents credit or we will donate the $10.00 to a selected charity of your choice.

Once you enter negotiations, DomainAgents lets you and the buyer manage your own negotiation. If an agreement is reached, we will assist where needed with the transfer of the domain, and funds via

Escrow fees and the commission are paid for by the buyer.

If you have questions please visit our Support Section or send us an email.

A Look Inside

Client Dashboard
Client Dashboard
Negotiation Page
Negotiation Page

How Responding to an Offer On DomainAgents Works

  1. A potential buyer has entered your domain name and an offer on our site. They have purchased a DomainAgents credit for $29.95 to ensure that it is a serious offer.

  2. You have been contacted because you are listed as the current owner of the domain name in the publicly available whois. The sole intent of our contact is to present an inquiry regarding the potential availability of your domain name.

  3. If you choose to review the offer, you may accept the offer, decline it or open negotiations.

  4. Once you have entered into negotiations, or accept the offer, DomainAgents will pay you $10.00 to compensate you for your time.

    If you decline the offer or do not wish to receive the $10.00 via Paypal or in the form of a DomainAgents credit, you may request that DomainAgents donate $10.00 to a selected charity of your choice.

  5. When you and the potential buyer agree on a price to sell your domain name, we transfer you to a well known third party escrow service,, to safely transfer the domain name. The price you negotiate is the amount you receive. All escrow and service fees are paid for by the buyer.